Main services overview

Book at Ashby Cars and feel assured and confident in our airport taxi service that will ensure you arrive at the airport relaxed and in good time.

Our taxi service uses computer dispatched software, using GPS based closest cab technology and in vehicle navigation. We accept major credit cards for advanced bookings.

Have you ever been stuck in the office and need a document delivered ASAP? Call a taxi. Have you ever needed to get a package to a friend across town but did not have the time or a car? Call a taxi.

Next time you plan a night on the town with your friends, do not worry about getting there and the need of anyone driving and selecting a designated driver. Relax and let everyone have a good time and call us to book a taxi.

Everybody likes a little retail therapy every now and again, and those who are fortunate enough to be close to some of the best shopping areas.

Going to a job interview, meeting with a client? Stress-free transportation will let you arrive in a better state of mind to get the job done.